Soccer preview unfair to Havre de GraceFrom: Jennifer...


September 13, 1992

Soccer preview unfair to Havre de Grace

From: Jennifer Spooner

Havre de Grace

My letter is in reference to the article about the girls soccer season this fall, "1992 Harford County soccer at a glance" [Harford County Sun, Sept. 6].

I was extremely disgusted when I discovered that the article contained no apparent assumptions, implications, or suggestions of a probable forecast for the Havre de Grace girls varsity soccer team. As I recall, every girls soccer team in the county was mentioned except for Havre de Grace's. John Carroll's girls soccer team was even indicated, and none of the public high schools in the county play them.

I would also like to comment about the segment on Page 21, where each team in the county was commented on by not only the coach but also a reporter for The Harford County Sun.

The prediction made for Havre de Grace's girls soccer team by one of the reporters was, of course, a negative assertion, which I found a bit ridiculous and unnecessary. The record for Havre de Grace last year was 1-11. I agree that a rational prediction for Havre de Grace this year wouldn't be very good, but what I don't understand is that, referring to your statistics once more, Aberdeen and Edgewood had the same record in 1991 as Havre de Grace did, yet their outlooks for this fall season, according to your reporter, were implied to be a little more promising.

I also realize that Aberdeen has many more newcomers than Havre de Grace, but Edgewood has less newcomers and returning players than Havre de Grace.

Finally, I found a comment about Havre de Grace very offensive and disturbing. One of the reporters stated, "Several of his [Coach Mason's] freshmen have never played soccer before."

That statement is completely inaccurate. Eight out of the 12 freshmen on the team and listed in the paper have played soccer for the Harford County Parks and Recreation, and all eight of them have played on my team at one time or another throughout all of the five years that I have played.

I, and I assume many other citizens of Havre de Grace, were extremely offended by your article, and I would advise that before you write another negative article on Havre de Grace as a town, a school, or anything that pertains to it, you get your facts straight and accurate.

Jennifer Spooner is a freshman at Havre de Grace High School and a member of the girls varsity soccer team.

Club land purchase draws some concerns

From: Virginia Beaty


This is to inform residents of Joppatowne and Joppa of plans to purchase the property on Joppa Farm Road housing the Swim Club.

I am not opposed to the purchase, but the method proposed to finance the purchase. Members of the Joppatowne Community Center Inc. want Harford County to purchase the property and add the cost, no more than $100 per year for three years, to our tax bills. The property would then belong to the community.

As of right now, the area included for this temporary tax increase is bounded by Little Gunpowder River to U.S. 40 to Route 152 to the Edgewood gate and back to the Little Gunpowder River, however the area may be expanded to Interstate 95.

Plans for the swim club include a community multipurpose building, swimming pool, and batting practice area; the present tennis courts would be eliminated.

Let your desires be known, write or call the County Council and the county executive offices. There must be a hearing on the bond issue, please be there; we need all the help we can get!

Suggestions offered to boost the economy

From: Stuart Jay Robinson

President, Northern Harford

Democratic Club

Bel Air

Innovation by government to provide economic relief is critical in the development of a domestic policy that will carry us into the 21st century.

Much has been made of the tremendous costs to the public relating to funding of programs to jump start the economy.

In order to start this process, it seems to me that we ought to adopt the philosophy, "if it's not broke, don't fix it" and "if it don't work, get it to work."

While it looks like it will take some time to develop both a workable and monetarily responsible plan for domestic policy, here are a few economic appetizers to serve as food for thought while we await the main course.

* Reinstate those tax laws which gave deductions for interest on consumer procedures covering everything from car loans to credit card purchases. Repeal those sections of the tax law which eliminate these deductions.

* Repeal the luxury tax on big-ticket items.

* Lower the threshold for deduction of medical expenses.

* Modify the current property tax assessment system. Real property should be taxed at the value of purchase, not on the gains it makes subsequent to the purchase. If need be, have a sliding cap to ensure limits on post-purchase property value.

These ideas aren't new, but certainly with virtually minimal control to the public, can restore dignity by putting people back to work and as a direct result, increase consumer spending.

AH; Cable commercial sends slanted message

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