Mount Airy league action gets under way for season


September 13, 1992|By Donald G. Vitek

The fall-winter bowling season is under way. And there's good news and bad for a couple of Joe Rineers' Mount Airy Lanes duckpin bowlers.

The good news: Gina Lowman walked into the center the first night of the new season and threw a 198 for her very first game; Doug Watkins waited until the third game of his season-opening series to throw his career-high 215.

The bad news? Both bowlers are in handicap leagues.

Gina Lowman lives in Mount Airy and bowls in the Friday Mixed and the Wednesday Ladies leagues at Mount Airy Lanes. On Friday night, Aug. 28, Gina added games of 151 and 106 to that 198 game for a set of 455 -- that averages out to more than 150 for the three games -- that's a bit higher than her usual 128 average. The 198 game is still below her career high of 215; the 455 series is also below her career-high 504 set.

Gina, who works for the National Geographic Society, has been bowling for about 12 years and says, "I just love duckpins; my whole family, both sisters, my brother, mom and dad, all bowl. We're just a bowling family."

The next week, Sept. 4, Gina slowed down -- a little. Only had a 413 series; dropped her average all the way down to 144.

Poolesville resident Doug Watkins probably qualifies for citizenship in Mount Airy just from his bowling activities: You'll find him bowling at Mount Airy Lanes on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

And of course, he'll stop by to pick up the occasional tournament trophy; this past summer he teamed up with Bob Davis to win the Amateur Duckpin Tour doubles event.

Doug carries a 128 average from last season, but right now it's a lot higher. The first night of the Sunday league, Aug. 30, Doug threw games of 147, 101 and 215. That's a 463 series. That 215 topped his career-high game of 195 by a lot of pins.

In an earlier interview, Doug said, "Mount Airy is a good scoring

house, I like it a lot."

If he liked the center before, you can imagine what he thinks of it after averaging 154 on the opening night of season. If you'd like to meet someone who's on cloud nine, I suggest you stop by the Colony Supply Center in Poolesville where Doug works with his dad, Larry, in the family business.

Doug is a modest type, but still, you're probably going to hear about the first night of the Sunday league at Mount Airy Lanes. Now Doug has to worry for the entire season about the 215 game holding up for high game.

* If you bowl duckpins in Carroll County, chances are you know the Fleming name. Gina and Jeff Fleming coach the youngsters jTC at Mount Airy Lanes, Gina works behind the counter at Mount Airy, both bowl at Mount Airy Lanes and now Jeff is building custom-made bowling boxes.

If you'd like to see what they look like, stop by the Mount Airy center, where several models are on display. You can have you duckpin box built the way you want it: There are three-ball and four-ball boxes available and Jeff is "trying to design a two-ball box that won't be as large as the other boxes."

He's making the boxes in three types of wood, all with brass fittings: cedar, red cedar and knotty pine. They'll make great gifts.

* The Fall Youth Duckpin Bowling Leagues have just started at Mount Airy Lanes; there are Saturday morning and afternoon leagues and after-school leagues on Tuesday and Thursday.

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