Guilty of trespassing, peace activist pledges to continue protests at APL

September 13, 1992

A Baltimore peace activist arrested during a December demonstration at the Johns Hopkins University's Applied Physics Laboratory in Columbia said it's up to President Bush whether he will again protest the lab's weapons research programs.

James Patrick Reale, 33, pleaded guilty to trespassing during ahearing on Wednesday in Howard County District Court.

Mr. Reale was one of eight people arrested during the Dec. 5 protest at the lab, where they climbed atop a radar building and water tower to display banners criticizing the facility's research programs.

District Judge R. Russell Sadler sentenced Mr. Reale to 90 days in jail but suspended the sentence. The judge also ordered the defendant to complete three years of supervised probation and pay $50 in court costs.

"I just have one question: Are you going back over there? Are you going to repeat this?" the judge asked Mr. Reale. "If you go back over there . . . I'll send you down to the Howard County Detention Center for 90 days."

Mr. Reale said that he would continue protests as long as President Bush continues to pump millions of dollars into "pork ,, barrel" military research programs.

The defendant asserted that the Johns Hopkins lab receives at least $300 million for weapons research each year, while cities like Baltimore must cut funding for education, libraries and fire protection.

Mr. Reale is a member of Jonah House in the 1900 block of Park Ave., an organization that he said conducts "peace work" throughout the region.

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