Hanover man charged with rapeA 20-year-old Hanover man has...


September 13, 1992

Hanover man charged with rape

A 20-year-old Hanover man has been charged with second-degree rape after police found him having sex with a 12-year-old girl in a park on 11th Avenue Thursday night.

According to the police report, officers discovered the couple at 9:50 p.m.

The girl had agreed to have sex with Steven Curtis Brookshire, of the Chesapeake Mobile Home Court in Hanover, the police report said.

Mr. Brookshire told officers he knew the girl was 12.

He told investigators he had had sex with her at least three other times, the police report said.

Under Maryland law, second-degree rape includes sex by force or threat of force or with a victim who is under 14 years old and the suspect is four or more years older.

* Brooklyn Park:

4000 block of Ritchie Highway: Sept. 8, entry gained through door. Tools taken. Total loss: $380.

100 block of Franklin Ave.:Sept. 9, entry gained through door. Tools taken. Total loss: $200.

First block of Church Street: Sept. 10, entry gained through door. Unknown property taken.

4200 block of Third St.: Sept. 10. Money and appliances taken. Total loss: Unknown.

200 block of Third Ave.: Sept. 9, entry gained through door. Bicycle taken. Total loss: $600.

4000 block of Belle Grove Road: Sept. 9, entry gained through door. Knife taken. Total loss: $50.

First block of Thomas Ave.: Sept. 4, entry gained through the door. Unknown property taken.

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