From The Sun Sept. 13-19, 1842Sept. 15: The Lafayette Fire...


September 13, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Sept. 13-19, 1842

Sept. 15: The Lafayette Fire Company will soon have their equipment completed. They consist of a black frock coat, made of beaver cloth, with a cape of lilac ground color representing Gen. Lafayette with the American flag.

Sept. 16: An additional window has been cut at the Post Office to facilitate the delivery of letters. Those who so often elbow one another in the lobby of the office will find the improvement to be a great convenience.

Sept. 17: An impudent renegade, apparently well fed and overgrown, crept, on Thursday morning, into the house of Mr. Geo. Seanger, near the Fourth Presbyterian Church.

From The Sun Sept. 13-19, 1892

Sept. 13: Descendants of the defenders of Baltimore in the War of 1812-14 held their annual meeting at 2:30 in the afternoon in the old Carroll mansion, in a room where Charles Carroll entertained Washington and Lafayette.

Sept. 14: The season at Ocean City is about over. All the guests of the different hotels, except the gunners who remain over for the fine fall shooting, have departed.

From The Sun Sept. 13-19, 1942

Sept. 13: The Baltimore Transit Co. does not intend to initiate a weekly pass system for its riders. And that's all there is to the question as far as the company is concerned.

Sept. 14: Flushed with victory over the New York Giants, Eastern professional football champions the Eastern Army All-Stars arrived here yesterday, and began laying plans to add the Brooklyn Dodgers to their list Wednesday night in the municipal Stadium.

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