C. Ripken turns ankle, plays on

September 12, 1992|By Milton Kent

The sound of anxious silence swept over Oriole Park last night when Cal Ripken limped into second on a sixth-inning double.

For a moment, it appeared that Ripken, who turned his right ankle rounding first, might have to leave the ballgame, and perhaps even see his 1,712 consecutive-game streak come to an end.

But after he was tended to on the field by Orioles trainer Richie Bancells, Ripken declared himself ready for play, and looked healthy as he rounded third on Joe Orsulak's single to center.

Ripken was thrown out at the plate on that play, but manager Johnny Oates said there was never any doubt that he would remain in the game.

"I told him I'd be watching him every step, but he was moving fine," said Oates.

After a momentary pause to get his ankle taped, Ripken returned to the field to finish the game.

Ripken was not available for comment after the game.

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