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September 12, 1992|By Stephen Hunter


The man who built Vegas

"Bugsy" is engrossing adult filmmaking, probably Barry Levinson's finest work, and certainly Warren Beatty's. It's a film bio of the man who built Las Vegas, a psychotic gangster gifted with vision. Beatty's Siegel is trying desperately to become something grander than he is -- he's like Jay Gatsby in that regard -- but he can't escape the violence that nestles in his soul. Annette Bening plays Virginia Hill, the showgirl who stole his heart. R. *** 1/2 . "Sneakers" is quite an enjoyable caper movie, as Robert Redford leads a league of specialists in a number of high-tech heists, all of which are great fun. They're on the track of a machine that magically breaks computer codes, which would merely make them the most powerful men in the world. The movie somewhat fumbles its last few minutes, but for a long time it's quite brisk and amusing. PG-13. ***.

Stephen Hunter The first made-for-TV movie of the fall season hits the screen tomorrow night with one of the tube's most sizzling stars, Virginia Madsen, in ABC's "A Murderous Affair: The Carolyn Warmus Story." It's a ripped-from-the-headlines, fatal-attraction story of sex and murder in suburban New York. This weekend's effort from ABC co-stars Chris Sarandon and airs at 9 tomorrow night on WJZ (Channel 13).

David Zurawik

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