1992 Anne Arundel volleyball

September 11, 1992

Annapolis Panthers

Head coach: Karla McMahon (third year)

Assistant coach: Derrick Smith.

1991 record: 0-15.

Returnees: Seniors Jennifer Charbonneau (set) and Christa Speaks (def); juniors Uyen Do (def), Katie Colegrove (def), Christina Aluzzo (set) and Brandie Olinger (hit); sophomore Shannon Chappell (hit).

Newcomers: Seniors Joy Libao (hit), Melissa Rawlings (def) and Robyn Roberts (hit); junior Janelle Queen (hit); sophomores Dayna Lewnes (hit) and Sabrina Johnson (set).

Coach's outlook: "Most of my seniors played JV last year. We're still a young team and it's probably going to be another rebuilding year for us."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: McMahon acquired a new last name after her marriage earlier this year, but she expects the same old struggles from her team. The rebuilding continues.

Arundel Wildcats

Head coach: Lee Rogers (fourth season).

Assistant coach: Donna McGowan.

1991 record: 7-8.

Returnees: Seniors Kathy Brady (set-hit), Traci Koenig (set), Sarah Melby (hit), Jami McCarty (back), Christine Fulton (back-hit), Jen Boddy (set), Shannon New (set) and Karen Fowler (hit).

Newcomers: Seniors Virginia Gonski (hit-back), Staci Schmidt (back-hit) and Teri Payton (back); juniors Wilma Dulla (set) and Jen Plummer (back).

Coach's outlook: "Our goal is to make the playoffs. That was our long-range goal, and now it's time."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: This team has muscled its way into the playoff picture, though it could get bumped right back out if it lets any more "winnable" games get away. The program is progressing nicely, and Rogers strongly feels the Wildcats are playoff material. Who can argue?

Broadneck Bruins

Head coach: Glenn Brainer (fifth season).

Assistant coach: Tom Cole.

1991 record: 13-3, lost to Severna Park in regional final.

Returnees: Seniors Julie Scott (hit), Jen Rapczynski (hit), Brandi Martin (set), Dana Edsel (def), Aimee McClelan (def), Andrea Henry (hit) and Jessica Hudson (def); juniors Julie Barr (hit), Chrissy St. Clair (set) and Lynn Forest (set); sophomore Katie Forthover (hit).

Newcomers: Junior Megan Mailow (hit); sophomores Taci Williams (hit) and Amanda Barchanowitz (set).

Coach's outlook: "We feel we have a good chance to get into the playoffs."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: Broadneck appears to be the second-best team in the county behind Severna Park, but it could move up if Scott gets some help.

Chesapeake Cougars

Head coach: Donna Zemke (first season).

Assistant coach: Kevin Kintop.

1991 record: 3-12.

Returnees: Seniors Caroll Lerner (set-hit), Renee Peters (hit), Joyce Smith (hit) and Heather Barnes (hit); juniors Kim Woody (hit) and Kristi Torbeck (hit).

Newcomers: Juniors Stefanie Pierpoint (hit), Cindy Ogle (set) and Maria Minguzzi (hit); sophomores Jamie Parsons (hit), Jen Jovan (set), Debbie Hamilton (hit), Becky Adamarcyk (hit), Crista Goetz (hit) and Suzanne Stumpp (set).

Coach's outlook: "If we can just pull something together and get the lineup to click, we're going to be really tough."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: The bad news is Chesapeake won just three matches last year, and they were senior-dominated. The passing must improve for the team to do likewise.

Glen Burnie Gophers

Head coach: Juanita Murdock-Milani (15th season).

Assistant coach: Kevin Guite.

1991 record: 7-6.

Returnees: Senior Melody MacKinnon (hit); juniors Jennifer Hagedorn (hit) and Sabrina Whitlock (hit); sophomores Heather Hutson (set), Megan Matukonis (hit), Denise Warren (hit) and Jennifer Stapler (hit).

Newcomer: Freshman Stacey Ellenberger (hit-set).

Coach's outlook: "Last year, I told them if we went .500 I'd be happy. This year, I'd like to make the playoffs and I certainly don't think it's out of reach. They are capable of doing it."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: This team may be another year away from a serious run at the regional championship, but they could sneak into the playoffs. Still a young bunch, but talented. Hutson already is among the very best in the county, if not the state. They'll be knocking on the door.

Meade Mustangs

Head coach: Vicki Hedgebeth (sixth season).

Assistant coach: Joyce Wills.

1991 record: 10-4, lost to Severna Park in regional semifinal.

Returnees: Seniors Christine Merrell (set-hit), Emily Feld (hit) and Sharon Kling (hit); junior Connie Fink (set-hit).

Newcomers: Seniors Tania Lawrence (hit), Nicole Brogden (hit) and Jessica Ennis (hit); juniors Renee Santiago (set) and Malee Hulbert (hit).

Coach's outlook: "I think we'll still do well, but we're rebuilding, also. I'm not going to say we'll go out and win the same amount of games, but we'll definitely give other teams a run for their money."

Anne Arundel County Sun outlook: After culminating four years of building with a playoff berth last season, the Mustangs must practically start anew. Don't look for them to reach the postseason this year.

North County Knights

Head coach: Amy Williams (third season).

Assistant coach: Vickie Plitt.

1991 record: 5-9.

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