Ads on 'Murphy' tops at $310,000

September 11, 1992|By New York Daily News

Guess what show is commanding the highest price for a 30-second commercial this coming season? "Murphy Brown," that's who.

The CBS comedy will be charging advertisers a whopping $310,000 for a half-minute of commercial time, or as Advertising Age, the trade paper, calculates: $10,333 a second.

The next costliest spot for advertisers is on NBC's "Cheers," which is charging $300,000, same as last season. Next comes ABC's "Roseanne," at $290,000, and the same network's "Coach," at $280,000.

The cheapest show of the new season is NBC's new Sunday night series, "Secret Service," at $50,000 a spot, followed by ABC's "Covington Cross," at $55,000.

The highest-priced new series is CBS' "Love & War" (with Susan Dey and Jay Thomas) at $190,000. Some other shows: ABC's "Monday Night Football," $225,000; CBS' "Evening Shade," $200,000; CBS' "60 Minutes," $220,000; NBC's "Seinfeld," $200,000; ABC's "Home Improvement," $225,000.

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