Defense JobsOne significant, local impact of the sale of...


September 10, 1992

Defense Jobs

One significant, local impact of the sale of 150 F-16 jet fighters to Taiwan announced by President Bush was not reported by The Sun's story of Sept. 3.

The Taiwan deal will allow Westinghouse Electronics Group of Anne Arundel County to maintain a steady work force on a $142 million subcontract to General Dynamics Corp. for the production of APG-68 radars and generators for the F-16 aircraft.

Gov. Bill Clinton's proposal to cut defense outlays over the next four years significantly beyond the level of the president's proposed cuts -- without adequate provision for civilian employment opportunities -- is unsettling to many Americans and not just those employed by the defense industry.

President Bush and Governor Clinton will undoubtedly debate the defense drawdown issue this fall. It is one issue where there are well-defined differences between the candidates.

John R. Leopold


'Fort Meade Park'

In reference to your recent editorial entitled, "Protecting a Treasure at Fort Meade," I am afraid you have been misinformed about the nature of the property for which Anne Arundel County is seeking a use agreement.

Far from being an "undisturbed old forest," the site in question has been heavily used for the past 50 years for various military exercises and maneuvers with heavy equipment. Sixty of the acres -- which are on the northern edge of the 8000-acre tract, not in the center -- are an open field that was used as a parachute jump site. Adjacent ground is riddled with bivouacs or small openings where grass has barely begun to grow back. It is crisscrossed by gravel roads, some of which are actively eroding. Additionally, there are over a dozen firing ranges in use now and grandfathered into the future on the adjoining acreage. "Human impact" has already made its mark here.

The public use proposals which have been forwarded to the Patuxent Wildlife Research Center involve very little in the way of forest clearing but do contain significant efforts to revegetate and restore areas which have suffered from decades of abuse and neglect.

As far as the negotiations between the Recreation and Parks Department and U.S. Fish and Wildlife, we are in the early stages of talking about a preliminary concept. We do not yet know which elements of our proposal will be considered compatible with the various missions of the Fish and Wildlife Service. The size of the acreage itself is as yet undecided.

A final misunderstanding on your part needs to be corrected: this department is not putting all its eggs in the Fort Meade basket. We are actively pursuing several other park projects through the west county which will help fill the serious need for open space and recreation in this general area.

The acreage at Fort Meade in no way fulfills the entire recreational need of the rapidly growing west county area.

William A. Rinehart


The writer is the director of Anne Arundel County's Department of Recreation and Parks

What's Wrong?

As someone who has a Jewish background, who has felt an attraction toward a Korean-born young female and has admired and appreciated the artistic endeavors of Woody Allen, I find the recent revelations of his private life to have been quite entertaining.

I would never take the position expressed in The Sun by Stephen Hunter in his commentary (Aug. 19), which I felt was unjustifiably negative.

This is not a black and white issue. I think Mr. Hunter's article sounded like that of a child who has been disillusioned upon discovery that his mommy or daddy -- his hero -- is not perfect.

I take a less judgmental view of Mr. Allen's situation. Who are we standing on the outside to have pretensions of knowing the intricacies of what has happened in Woody Allen's home?

I never thought of the "Allen character" as someone who always managed to live by a "moral compass." It was the honesty and manner that Woody Allen has chosen to reveal his own moral dilemmas and his vulnerabilities that has made his stories and characters so interesting.

I am inclined to believe that Mr. Allen is genuinely taken by his young Asian-American friend's spirit, and what is so wrong with that? She is of legal age now, and who is to say what problems his marriage was suffering from before he began his affair?

Woody Allen is a seeker and a survivor, and for that he continues to deserve respect. If he sees something positive in the young lady, let him be.

It amazes me that Mr. Hunter or anyone else feels it necessary to make such damaging statements. I think it is time we allow our public figures to experience life for themselves and to suspend our commentaries until a later date.

As the old Jewish prayer goes, "Purify our hearts, O Lord, so that we may serve you in truth."

Steve Smith


Burden of Truth

I think the nation would be well-served if newspapers would publish, each day, the per-capita national debt.

Americans would do the right thing, if they knew the facts.

Jim Peter


Auto Theft Down in MTA Lots

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