AT&T unveils go-anywhere fax numbers

September 10, 1992

*TC American Telephone & Telegraph Co. yesterday introduced a fax service that can be used by anyone, anywhere. To use the new service, you need an AT&T calling card or AT&T Universal charge card and access to a fax machine.

There is no monthly fee for maintaining a mailbox, and customers pay only for faxes they want.

The cost of a domestic fax is 70 cents per page. International faxes cost 70 cents to $3.70 per page plus long-distance charges. Senders may leave voice messages with their faxes -- up to 45 seconds in length -- which are charged to AT&T customers at a flat rate of 35 cents each.

To use the service, AT&T cardholders call a toll-free number (800-446-2452) and follow voice prompts for establishing personalized mailboxes. AT&T assigns a fax number to the cardholder, who gives the number those who will send faxes.

To retrieve faxes, customers call a toll-free number and key in their personalized codes.

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