Bet against Birds benefits church's relief fund by $4

September 09, 1992

Reporting to the nearly 200 Episcopal bishops from North, Central and South America meeting this week in Baltimore, Presiding Bishop Edmond L. Browning confided last night that he had successfully bet for the New York Yankees and against the Orioles at Camden Yards Monday night.

He felt a little guilty, he told bishops at the Hyatt Regency Hotel, and would contribute his winnings to disaster relief.

How much was the bet?

Before Bishop Browning's announcement, one of the Episcopal Church funds for relief totaled $25,000.

Afterward, it was $25,004.

Maryland Bishop A. Theodore Eastman, Bishop Browning's host at Monday night's game, said he had been aware of the bet and asked the Orioles to forgo a win for the sake of hospitality toward a cleric from New York "who has been under a lot of stress."

But the team was ambivalent, Bishop Eastman said, and took 13 innings to decide finally to go along with the request.

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