Question goes unanswered about the lack of black head coaches


September 09, 1992|By Pat O'Malley

With the first weekend of high school football behind us, a lot of questions need to be answered.

Questions without answers are in the wind flying around like that run-and-shoot attack at North County High, so let's get to them.

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* How many of you guys caught ABC's "Nightline" following Monday night football? Did it hit close to home, but on the high school level?

The topic was the lack of black head football coaches at the NCAA Division I level, and the panel of guests included the Minnesota Vikings' outstanding head coach Dennis Green, William Rhoden of the New York Times and Dick Schultz, NCAA czar.

As usual when such discussions take place, nothing was settled and no immediate ways to fix the problem were revealed, but Green made a great point. The Vikes coach, who is one of two black head coaches in the NFL (Art Shell of the Raiders is the other), said that such discussions never will accomplish anything until the big wheels who do the hiring publicly address the problem.

We've got to hear from the college presidents and athletic directors as to what they intend to do, if anything.

With that in mind, do we need to do likewise in Anne Arundel County where we have only one black head football coach, Hayse Henderson at Meade, one black head basketball coach, Gerald Moore at Arundel; and one black head baseball coach, Larry Brogden at Annapolis?

Did you know that none of the 12 public high schools in the county has a black athletic director?

Is this county so unique in that many coaches and ADs have held their positions for a long time that others, including blacks, rarely have got a shot, or is this county guilty of racial bias in its hiring practices as may be the case at the NCAA level?

What can be done? Are there qualified blacks who want head coaching and athletic director positions in this county?

Don't you have to admire someone like Henderson, who I feel unfairly was overlooked several times before landing the football job at Meade, for his tenacity?

Hasn't the fine job turned in by Henderson at Meade (5-5 last year, including a stunning upset at perennial state champion Springbrook) dispelled any notion that he wasn't qualified?

How about Henderson's current squad of only 19 players pushing Springbrook into double OT Friday night before bowing 20-13?

* Was the 94-yard TD pass play from North County's Eric Howard to Damon Martin in the Knights' 22-2 victory over Oakland Mills of Howard County, a county record? We believe it was. Let me know if there was a longer one.

Southern's Vic Smith hit Buzz Bailey on an 85-yard TD pass play against Severna Park in 1973.

* Isn't it a real shame that North County junior Reggie Moore apparently is going to miss the rest of the season with a nagging foot injury?

Moore, a defensive back/quarterback, first injured his foot in a summertime motorcycle accident and re-injured it in football practice.

* It's very early, but isn't this week's Annapolis (0-1) at Meade (0-1) football game a must win for the visiting Panthers if they are to challenge for the county title as expected?

After all, when you lose four games in the waning seconds as the Panthers did last season with a young team and then start the following season by dropping an 18-16 heart-breaker as they did to Randallstown Friday night, isn't it pretty tough to develop a winner's attitude?

For those of you who may have seen the Annapolis game on a delayed broadcast Friday evening on Cable TV, Channel 19 wasn't the camera work of Annapolis students Ron Stafford Jr. and Tom Platt outstanding?

Isn't Annapolis junior Joe Pergerson, who grabbed a 42-yard TD strike from QB Juan Johnson against Randallstown going to be a receiver to cause major concern among Panther opponents?

* How about Coach Jeff Herrick's Broadneck Bruins putting the ball up with QB Alan Hartman some 34 times (14 completions, two interceptions) in their 20-7 loss to South River?

But can't the "keep it on the ground" advocates argue that South River threw only four times, completing one and came out on top?

* Over the years, Old Mill coach Pete Regala has taken more than his share of heat from the Monday morning quarterbacks, but how about this from a Patriots parent on the 24-Hour Sportsline yesterday?

"My son plays football for Old Mill High School, and Friday night, Regala did something out of character in showing some courage and actually going for the win and not the tie in overtime," said the father on the Sportsline.

"Regala doesn't have much imagination, and keeping in character, he went with the simple dive play, but he did show some guts and go for the win."

Old Mill dropped a 14-13 heart-breaker to LaPlata of Charles County in overtime as Kevin Montgomery's dive to paydirt came up a tad short.

A successful two-point conversion and Old Mill would have been a winner.

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