Do-aheads get day off to running start

September 09, 1992|By Joe Crea | Joe Crea,Orange County Register

A few tips on streamlining breakfast chores:

* Supplement your convenience favorites with fresh: Serve whole fruit with breakfast bars . . . top warm toaster waffles or pancakes with fruit chunks . . . try fresh salsa on frozen hash-browns . . . tomato slices with egg-and-sausage frozen entree.

* Ready things the night before: Pour cereal into resealable bowls, pack breakfast sandwiches, crack and scramble eggs, then blend juices (refrigerate everything), leave bread on the broiler pan to toast. Even cook meats to reheat.

* Use the microwave to warm other make-aheads: Hot cereals, cinnamon or French toast, and portions of omelets can all be made and refrigerated in advance.

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