ON Labor Day 1991, we learned that Blondie Bumstead of...


September 08, 1992

ON Labor Day 1991, we learned that Blondie Bumstead of comic-strip fame was going to open a food catering business with her best friend Tootsie.

This Labor Day brought an even more shocking development in the Bumstead household: After some 60 years of working for J.C. Dithers, Dagwood Bumstead is quitting his office job so he can help wife Blondie with her career.

The way Blondie sees it, Dagwood's preoccupation with food makes him a natural for the catering biz. His most famous kitchen creation, of course, is the Dagwood sandwich, an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink smorgasbord between two pieces of bread.

The first Dagwood sandwich appeared in 1936, six years after the debut of the "Blondie" strip. Recently the authors of the strip offered their recipe for the sandwich, which we gladly (if queasily) reprint below:

3 large onions

1 head lettuce

4 tomatoes, sliced

Cheese, vegetables and olives

1 lobster tail

1 eagle talon

1 fish (preferably two days old)

1 pot spaghetti (cold and gooey)

1 pound bacon

1 meatloaf

1 entire ham

1 fried egg (over easy)

1 string of sausages

1 gallon mayonnaise

1 jar pickle relish

1 tin sardines in oil

1 bottle ketchup

1 bottle each sweet and hot mustard

1 loaf bread

Slice onions, cheese. Arrange ingredients in any order between two slices of bread. Add anything else in the refrigerator. Consume between midnight and 4 a.m. Serves one.

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