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September 08, 1992

Planetary creed

Our planet is paying a dreadful price for humanity's greed -- for our right to make the wrong decisions.

We have lost the sweetness of the waters, the life of the land, the majesty of the forests.

By losing the majesty of the forests, we have lost the purity of the air; and by losing the purity of the air, we have lost the creatures of the Earth.

We need a new global awareness, and the rediscovery of traditional wisdom, confirmed now by the findings of science. For the first time in our history, we have empirical evidence for a common creation story in which everything is connected to everything else.

Sheila Waters


Naming of VPs ought be OK'd by Congress

It is not too early for political scientists in this country to be encouraged to think seriously about the 1996 presidential election.

For example, is it not improper to continue to permit the presidential candidate of each political party to select a vice presidential running mate completely on his own?

Is this not a practice which is not only subject to grave abuses but also runs counter to the republican spirit? Would it not be prudent, instead, for us to make routine use of the 25th Amendment for this purpose?

The 25th Amendment provides a simple way for filling the office of vice president when it is vacant: The president sends a nomination to Congress. Why should not all vice presidents be chosen in this way?

It is possible to have this happen even without another constitutional amendment if Congress and the major parties should agree.

We would be apt to get sounder choices for vice president if a newly-elected president knew he had to submit his vice presidential nominee for deliberate consideration by Congress, as was done with Gerald Ford in 1973 and with Nelson Rockefeller in 1974.

Our desire to do something here should be intensified when it is remembered how many of our vice presidents have become president in the 20th century.

The reform proposed here would increase confidence in our political institutions and would move us closer in spirit to the mode of presidential and vice presidential selection originally provided for in the Constitution.

George Anastaplo


The writer is a professor of law at Loyola University of Chicago.

Education pays off

Gov. William Donald Schaefer seems to be missing the point as he continues to cut deeply into the education budgets of Maryland.

It is a proven fact that the more education a person has, the higher his or her income potential. It follows that the higher a person's income, the greater the taxes he or she will pay, both directly and indirectly.

And the reverse? As education budgets decrease, opportunities for optimum education decreases. What follows is a guaranteed, continual, future deficit for the state of Maryland.

Education is the key to whether we spiral downward or upward. With the governor's current attitude in budget-cutting, which targets education, we can only spiral downward.

Give us back our future, Gov. Schaefer. Give us back the support for education.

Mary E. Becker


Truth lives

I am writing this letter on behalf of freedom of the press and the truth.

A little over 200 years ago, the power that controlled this country was totally against the press . . . Only King George III's government's interpretation of the truth was allowed to be spoken publicly.

Such statesmen as John Adams and Benjamin Franklin risked their lives for the real truth to be told -- the truth about monarchy and an upper class system that had no place for a man on the street to speak his voice.

But the attempt to destroy America's young voice for independence through the press did not happen. Our forefathers knew that the power of the written word would not be stopped. Thus it was adopted as an amendment.

Now, we have another George who is ruling our country, and a vice president who cannot even spell. They also are not on the side of the press and media who try to get to the truth of the matter.

And what is truth? Not blame. Not facts stretched beyond the breaking point. Not rhetoric.

Truth is an absolute with no leanings to a political ideology. We cannot change truth. We cannot change the truth that our economy has fallen, crime has risen and we are desperately searching for a leader.

I ask the public to get to the truth of where our country is going at this present time, and where it wants this country to be in the future. We are still free to vote. The choice is ours.

Joanne Baccala

Severna Park

Blood brothers

Dan Quayle takes Murphy Brown to task, preaching morals and family values, yet has nothing to say about the obscenity-laced and blood-spattered "Die Hard 2: Die Harder" and "Terminator II."

Not surprising, considering that Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger sat in prestige seats at the Republican convention . . .

Gerald Ben Shargel


Let's help ourselves

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