Superman Dies?

September 07, 1992

If having a baby was a ratings boon for Murphy Brown, think what killing off Superman will do for sales of DC Comics. Surely only a sinister corporate plot could explain such madness. After all, we thought Kryptonians lived forever -- especially one like Clark Kent, whose healthy habits and mild manner would seem to put him at low risk for the dire fates that claim many Earthlings.

Only two years ago, the corporate executives approved another attempt at a ratings boost -- having reporter Kent finally become engaged to the ever-faithful Lois Lane. Alas, romance must not sell as well as death and destruction. Superman will meet his end fighting a new creature named Doomsday, an escapee from a cosmic insane asylum who, apparently, can represent anything from a force of nature to an occult horror or even an alien.

Sounds fierce for the comics, but can Doomsday compete with Andrew?

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