Dear Stadium Doctor:Aren't the Orioles missing an obvious...

Stadium Doctor

September 06, 1992

Dear Stadium Doctor:

Aren't the Orioles missing an obvious source of supplemental income (as if they need it!) by not selling a yearbook?

I already own superb 1992 Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals yearbooks, courtesy of friends in both cities and am baffled by the absence of a similar item being offered here. Even the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre team (Triple-A Phillies) sells one.

Robert Baer


Dear Robert Baer:

Thank you for your fine question, which I promptly discussed with someone I respect immensely: myself. Failing to come up with anything resembling an answer, I contacted an Orioles official who informed me that the team ceased publication of a yearbook around 1986, partly because of the towering stacks of unsold books that were cluttering up the office.

The Orioles have no plans to put out another yearbook, but that could change if billions of fans were to demand the softcover keepsakes. Not that you asked, but the team does plan to produce an end-of-season video, with prices and other pertinent details to be announced later.

*Dear Stadium Doctor:

I have not yet visited Camden Yards because I am unable to get tickets, but there is one question that I would like to have answered. If every game is a sellout, why is attendance not the same?

For example, one game last week, attendance was something like 44,501 and the very next night, something like 45,535.

J. Fewster


Dear J. Fewster:

I'm extremely sorry you haven't been able to attend a game at the new ballpark in the Camden Yards neighborhood but would like to fix this by offering you tickets to join the Stadium Doctor in his luxury suite, where guests can follow the action as they undergo minor foot surgery. Please contact me for a mutually convenient date in November.

As you say, attendance numbers change every game. But this is not a trick or the fault of ticket takers with bad math skills or anything like that. The thing is that the announced figures are for paid attendance only and do not count the fluctuating number of tickets that are given away. In case you were wondering, visiting teams and companies that pay the Orioles lots of money for ballpark signs are among the biggest freebie recipients.

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