Cal Ripken not worth itWow! $30.5 million plus -- how many...


September 06, 1992

Cal Ripken not worth it

Wow! $30.5 million plus -- how many soup kitchens and how much housing that could provide for the needy and the homeless. It is a disgrace one person be granted this enormous salary when there are so many people losing jobs who probably have been in their positions 10 years or more and had great performance records.

Cal Ripken did say that he would have remained an Oriole no matter what happened. That was the laugh of the day. He was going for the big money, and having his father within the organization for many years certainly was a plus for him. Any other player with a slump as Ripken has experienced would have been traded long ago.

We have several valuable players on the team. Unfortunately, regardless of their home runs or batting skills, they never receive recognition. But let Ripken hit a ball and it's headlines. Keep up the grand performance, Mike Devereaux and Leo Gomez. There are many great players, why not give them all equal opportunities?

Martha Thomason


Is Ripken seeing well enough?

Has Cal Ripken had his eyes examined lately?

When he is at bat (day or night), he appears to be squinting. Maybe he is not seeing the ball as well as he should be.

MA That could be the reason he is having such a miserable year.

Catherine Rettaliata


McLemore should play more

Mark McLemore is a better all-around player than Bill Ripken and is batting 30 points higher.

Why can't McLemore start and Ripken be brought in for defense?

Charles Wudtee


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