Focus on values is financial issueFrom: Robert Ryan...


September 06, 1992

Focus on values is financial issue

From: Robert Ryan Tousey

Ellicott City

According to statistics compiled by the House Ways and Means Committee, a return to family values could dramatically reduce the number of people going on welfare. These statistics demonstrate that three quarters of our nation's welfare recipients are on welfare as a direct result of the decline in family values (45 percent because of divorce and separation and 30 percent due to a child born out of wedlock).

Our nation would be a better place if people took the commitment to marriage more seriously and if fathers stayed around to support their children both emotionally and financially. President Bush is right in making family values an issue.

Our current welfare system promotes this decline in family values and its corresponding drain on our economy by rewarding recipients with additional benefits each time a new child is born.

Why should people on welfare receive a benefit not enjoyed by those of us working and contributing to society? If my wife and I choose to have another child my employer will not increase my salary. The Republicans in New Jersey have already removed this incentive from that state's welfare program. It is now time for the rest of the nation to follow suit.

The decline in family values has a direct effect on our nation's economy, and I applaud the president and vice president for having the courage to address this issue.

Talk issues,not investigations

From: Melissa Eliot

Mount Airy

What is this I hear about Tom Hattery spending $4,000 on a private investigator to rummage through Roscoe Bartlett's personal life to find dirt on him? Please tell me it has not come to this.

Yo, Tom, how about spending all that money you are raising from your supporters on things that matter?

Let's hear about your plans for the future. How are you going to solve the recession, crime, drugs, teen-age pregnancy, uncontrolled taxes, the educational situation, joblessness, the breakup of millions of American families, etc., etc.? Please, I'm begging you, put your efforts and all that money you are getting from us into telling us what you are going to do for the country and the 6th District if you get to Congress.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares if back in 1892 Great Uncle Jebadiah Bartlett rustled a few head of cattle. For crying out loud, Roscoe Bartlett has 10 kids, a Ph.D., 20 U.S. engineering patents, a construction business, a farm and is in church every week. When does he have time to do anything else?

Tom, I, along with the rest of the 6th District voters, will be waiting for your answers to these questions regarding the state of our country. We will not be waiting to hear whether or not Roscoe Bartlett flosses after each meal. So, please, fire the P.I. and put our money to better use.

Thanks to supporters of Family Life Center

From: Kathleen Liparini


During June, many Howard countians supported the Family Life Center by making donations in the coin canisters which had been placed in businesses throughout our community. We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of the people who contributed to us in this way.

The collection netted over $800, which will go directly to help the center provide outstanding mental health services to those in need, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Merchants of Columbia Management generously provided the coin canisters which will support local non-profits throughout the year, and we commend them for this community service. Hopefully, all citizens will continue to "feed" the boxes; it makes for a lighter wallet and a warmer heart.

(Kathleen Liparini is special events coordinator for the Family Life Center.)

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