Social club, police aid hurricane victims

September 06, 1992

A social club has teamed up with the Annapolis Police Department to truck food, clothing, water and construction materials to victims of Hurricane Andrew in southern Florida.

The Ebonites Social Club in Annapolis teamed up with city police officers to collect donations to help the hurricane victims rebuild.

A moving van that has been set up at the police station is already partially filled with goods, said Debra Colbert, a parking enforcement officer who organized the relief effort.

More than 2,000 Florida police officers were left homeless by the storm, considered one of the worst in American history.

People who wish to donate goods can drop them off until Sept. 15 at the police department at 199 Taylor Avenue in Annapolis.

The police are asking that plywood, 30-pound felt paper and 2-by-4 lumber beams be given, as well as such other necessary items as bottled water, food and new clothing.

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