Should Shilling get a raise?The county school board...


September 06, 1992

Should Shilling get a raise?

The county school board recently approved a $6,000 increase in the salary of Superintendent R. Edward Shilling. The board also passed a $3,000 annual increase for Deputy Superintendent Brian Lockard, recommended by Mr. Shilling because Mr. Lockard has taken on additional duties. Mr. Shilling's new annual salary is more than $104,000; under the terms of his contract it will rise to $118,000 by July 1994. He also receives substantial benefits and would be paid the entire four-year balance of his salary if he were fired for unsatisfactory performance.

We asked our readers, in light of budget cuts and the fail ure of many school employees to get raises this year, whether the board should have raised these salaries:

From: John R. Bildstein

Mount Airy

I have been unemployed for 18 months. I am about to lose my house, but I am still paying tax to Mr. Shilling.

B6 I am only one of many unable to pay for his raise.

From: Phyllis Mowbray


I have the greatest respect for both Mr. Shilling and Mr. Lockard, and I believe that their raises are deserved.

However, in the present financial crisis, I feel it would have been appropriate for them to have turned down the raises.

When those at the top level show generosity and concern for the welfare of the county, it makes for united, loyal, cooperative employees under them who are then more prone to give more of themselves and gracefully take stagnant salaries as well.

Morale -- not money -- trickles down. I feel further that it is unbelieveable that rewards of any kind be given for inadequacy, as is stated in the contract agreement paying the superintendent when fired for unsatisfactory performance.

6* What can the school board be thinking!

From: Susan English


I personally feel that this a bad joke on the taxpayers of Carroll County.

His salary should be the first to be cut, not everyone under him.

Leave Bartlett alone; work on country

From: Melissa Eliot

Mount Airy

What is this I hear about Tom Hattery spending $4,000 on private investigator to rummage through Roscoe Bartlett's personal life to find dirt on him?

Please tell me it has not come to this.

Yo, Tom -- how about spending all that money you are raising from your supporters on things that matter? Let's hear about your plans for the future.

How are you going to solve the recession, crime, drugs, teen-age pregnancy, uncontrolled taxes, the educational situation, joblessness, the break-up of millions of American families, etc.?

Please, I'm begging you, put your efforts and all that money you are getting from us into telling us what you are going to do for the country and the 6th District if you get to Congress.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, cares if back in 1892 Great Uncle Jebediah Bartlett rustled a few head of cattle.

For crying out loud, Roscoe Bartlett has 10 kids, a Ph.D., 20 U.S. engineering patents, a construction business, a farm and is in church every week. When does he have time to do anything else?

Tom, I, along with the rest of the 6th District voters, will be waiting for your answers to these questions regarding the state of our country.

We will not be waiting to hear whether or not Roscoe Bartlett flosses after each meal.

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