Should Carroll change to a charter government?

September 06, 1992

A committee has been working for nearly nine months to draft a charter that would serve as a constitution for Carroll County. The document outlines government structure and principals by which the county would be run, and would transfer the authority to enact certain local laws from the state legislature to a county council.

The proposed charter is in nearly final form. Copies are available at the county public library branches. The board plans to place the charter on the Nov. 3 ballot, and voters will decide whether it will be adopted.

Do you plan to vote on the charter? Will you vote for adopting it or against it? What is right or wrong with the current commissioner form of government, and right or wrong with the charter proposal?

Mail your comments (you may use additional sheets of paper) to: News ballot, Carroll County Sun, 15 E. Main St., Westminster, Md. 21157-5052; or fax your comments to us at 751-7916.

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