1992 Harford County soccer at a glance

September 06, 1992

Aberdeen Eagles

Head coach: Ken Zorbach.

Assistant coaches: Ron Petrey, Dick Slutzky.

1991 record: 2-10.

Returnees: Seniors Chris Myers (FB), Chad Kolb (HB), Zach Fowl (HB), Ryan O'Connor (Striker), Mike Ruth (S), Steve James (GK).

Newcomers: Seniors Josh Broth (S), Thomas Lindgren (FB). Juniors Jon Thomas (HB), Giro Cristello (HB), Mike Baldwin (S). Sophomore Andy D'Amico (HB).

Coach's outlook: "We are showing better skills than a year ago, but we still need to get the goals."

Harford County Sun outlook: Five starters return, as do eight others who saw varsity action, providing more experience than in recent years. James is the key to a solid defense. Improvement is likely, perhaps to .500, but scorers are definitely needed or there will be familiar problems. Last season, the Eagles lost three in overtime and three by a goal each.

Bel Air Bobcats

Head coach: Bill Jefferson.

Assistants: Tom Szerensits, Dan Campasino.

1991 record: 6-6.

Top returnees: Seniors Tim Hintz (FB), Harry Ivers (FB), Mark DeFabio (FB), Anthony Pasko (HB), Henry Raynor (HB). Junior Ethan Jennings (GK), Jeff Uttenreither (HB). Sophomore Pete McKinney (Striker).

Top newcomers: Sophomores Jason Lockerman (S), Adam Molinaro (HB).

Coach's outlook: "The defense is good, but we're looking for more scoring."

Harford County Sun outlook: Defense is actually outstanding, with three three-year starters at fullback and All-County Ethan Jennings in goal. The team allowed only nine goals last year, but scored just six. Early scrimmages were expected to answer some questions on offense. This group could threaten Fallston's place at the top of the standings. Top-heavy road schedule (four home, eight away) is a drawback.

C. Milton Wright Mustangs

Head coach: Paul Snyder.

Assistants: Kerry Reid, Carl Greenberg.

1991 record: 9-3.

Top returnees: Seniors George Albany (HB), Charles Harris (HB), Ryan Strasburg (HB), Rob Grevaris (HB), Jason Zarzyski (FB), Joe Zarzyski (HB). Juniors David Blades (HB), Chris LeBarron (striker).

Top newcomers: Senior Jim Casey (HB). Juniors Brian Gunter (FB), Vince Milano (HB), Tom Walsh (HB), Brian Taylor (GK). Sophomores Corey Smith (S), Mark Klemans (GK), Mike McMann (GK).

Coach's outlook: "We have a good mix of experience and youthful enthusiasm."

Harford County Sun outlook: Early scrimmages suggest the team looks better than a year ago, but there is a major question mark in the lack of an experienced goalkeeper. Taylor, a converted field player, is the best athlete of the candidates.

Edgewood Rams

Head coach: Paul Forno.

Assistants: George Toepfer, Dan Weaver.

1991 record: 0-12.

Top returnees: Seniors Paul Emmons (FB), Bill Carr (HB), Terry Dickey (striker), Matt Griffith (FB), Eric Ruiz (HB), Joe Smith (S). Juniors Mike Hollenbeck (S), John Wagner (S).

Top newcomers: Juniors Ben Brook (GK), Tom Jurkovits (GK), Russ Robar (FB), Craig Jester (S). Sophomores Danny Lose (S), Craig Roland (S), Steve Schriver (FB).

Coach's outlook: "Our biggest improvement is in spirit. It's the most unselfish team I've had."

Harford County Sun outlook: Improvement is obvious here. The team is relatively young, but some newcomers are expected to have an immediate impact. Don't expect a big turnaround this season, but the program is on the upswing.

Fallston Cougars

Head coach: Len Petrey.

Assistant coaches: Tony Riedlbauer, Dale Arnold.

1990 record: 12-3.

Top returnees: Seniors Shane Dougherty (striker), Rob D'Angelo Dan Boers FB), Pete Dixon (S), Brad Siptroth (HB), Jason Hunsinger (GK), Marc Riedlbauer (HB), Chris Jones (S), Chris Luber (HB). Junior Fred Sheckells (HB). Sophomore Todd Paradise (FB).

Top Newcomers: Senior Jim Penski (HB). Juniors Ken Poling (HB), Rob Mezzadra (HB), Steve Schissler (FB), Kevin Morgan (HB), Brian Benner (HB), Ryan Sapp (FB).

Coach's outlook: "We have the players we need. Now we have to sort them out and get them in the right spots."

Harford County Sun outlook: Ten seniors should help extend a two-year unbeaten streak against county teams, although replacing five starters up the middle may take time.

Harford Christian

Head coach: Harley Parkes

Assistant coaches: Brian Akers

1990 record: 12-3

Top returnees: Seniors John Tittle (GK), Shane Carpenter (FB), Roger Williams (FB), Pat Carr (HB), Brian Sherman (Striker).

Top newcomers: Freshmen Jeff Sherman (FB), Jason Edwards (S), Randy Williams (S).

Coach's outlook: "I'll be happy with .500."

Harford County Sun outlook: The team will be hard pressed to make up for the loss to graduation of scoring stars Carty Ingram and Herb Urlahs. The small private school status enables it to travel out out of the area for games, such as last year when it won a national Christian school tournament in Tennessee. Experienced defense, led by four-year starter Roger Williams, should keep the team in games, but it will have to find a consistent scoring punch.

Harford Technical

Head coach: Andy Bleichfeld.

Assistants: To be named.

1991 record: 1-9.

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