Boston Chicken822 Dulaney Valley Road, Dulaney Plaza...


September 05, 1992|By Sylvia H. Badger

Boston Chicken

822 Dulaney Valley Road, Dulaney Plaza, Towson.

Hours: Open daily from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

(410) 825-2222; fax: (410) 825-2242

Boston Chicken opened its doors about six weeks ago, and people are coming from all over to pick up the restaurant's marinated rotisserie chicken.

When you walk into the sparkling eatery, you see and smell dozens of marinated chickens cooking on two large, upright, brick-fired rotisseries. Glass cases display the trimmings, cooked fresh daily -- vegetables, salads, soups, desserts and chicken pot pies.

A whole chicken is $6.95. There are also complete meals, which come with two side orders and corn bread. A half-chicken dinner is $5.95, a quarter-chicken white meat dinner (breast and wing) is $4.95 and a quarter-chicken dark meat dinner (leg and thigh) is $3.95. Value meals range from four servings for $19.95 to 10 servings for $43.95. With our dinners, my husband and I ordered vegetable herb stuffing, carrots with tarragon butter, creamed spinach and zucchini marinara; all were well-seasoned and delicious.

It was the third visit of the week for a woman near me. She said she's hooked on the chicken and Boston baked beans. Other veggies include herbed corn, mashed potatoes, butternut squash, rice pilaf, vegetable medley and garlic/dill new potatoes. The curry chicken salad is also yummy.

For your sweet tooth, there are lemon squares, coconut macaroons, cream cheese brownies, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and pecan pie.

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