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September 03, 1992|By Casi H. Clocker | Casi H. Clocker,Staff Writer

Carroll H. Hynson Jr. of Pasadena is the deputy director for Public Affairs at the Maryland State Lottery. Mr. Hynson enjoys power boating on the Chesapeake Bay, which he says is the best therapy in the world. In the winter, he likes to spend time running, skiing and watching boxing.

How would you describe your taste in clothing?

It ranges from conservative to trendy. My favorite in ultimate fashion is Hugo Boss, but I also have no problem in wearing a basic, everyday quality suit. I never wear the same color two days in a row -- I try to rotate my clothes so that it appears that I have more than I do. Also, I try to tastefully color-coordinate my wardrobe with eyeglasses with lenses or frames that match my outfit -- without being gaudy.

What's the most expensive thing in your closet?

A light, off-green, double-breasted Hugo Boss suit with big shoulders that I got on sale for $500.

The least expensive?

The least expensive are things I have the most of -- parachute cloth warm-up suits. Since I wear a suit every day, when I'm not working I like to have a total feeling of looseness and comfort.

Do you have a standby that you wear to feel good?

My "power suit" is a gray Geoffrey Beene suit with a soft pattern. Whenever I wear it I feel very confident because I get compliments on it. I believe that clothes make a man. It's important to present a polished, non-flamboyant appearance. People notice what you have on a lot more than most people would believe.

What is your wardrobe weakness?

Ties -- the brighter and more exotic the better. I like having something that you don't see on anyone else. There's a guy in Baltimore, Ricardo Gamble, who started making ties in his basement, and I get a lot of my ties from him relatively inexpensively.

What are your favorite accessories?

My favorite accessory is cologne, if you can call cologne an accessory. Most men don't wear cologne every day -- just on special occasions. I think it adds to a person's attraction as long as its not overwhelming. How do you care for your clothes?

Every night, no matter how late it is or how tired I am, I always hang my clothes up. I recommend minimal cleaning of clothing because I think the chemicals used to clean clothing accelerate wear and tear, and I never wear the pants of one suit with the jacket of another, because the suit isn't worn evenly that way.

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