GOP urges a 'Quality Revolution'

Federal workers

September 02, 1992|By Carol Emert | Carol Emert,States News Service

WASHINGTON -- The Republican Party platform advocates bringing the private sector's "Quality Revolution" to the federal work force to eliminate waste, abuse and corruption.

"The Republican Party is firmly committed to bringing the Quality Revolution into government at every level by creating a 'Quality Workers for a Quality America' coalition whose aim will be to transform the bureaucratic welfare state into a government that is customer-friendly, cost-effective, and improving constantly. . . ," the platform states.

The platform was adopted last month at the GOP national convention in Houston.

The Democratic Party platform was adopted at its national convention in July in New York and was generally favorable toward organized labor, one of the party's core constituencies.

A party's platform is written collectively by party officials and constituent groups from around the country. The platform articulates the party's beliefs and sets its goals for the next four years.

The GOP platform also addressed these labor issues:

* The federal work ethic: "The focus of government must shift from quantity to quality, from spending to service. Americans should expect measurable, published standards for services provided by government at all levels. Performance standards and rules, commonplace in the private sector, must be applied to government activities as well. . . .

"The Quality Revolution in the private sector, with its concepts of Continuous Improvement, Profound Knowledge, and 'Doing the Right Thing Right the First Time,' stands in stark contrast to the outmoded practices, insensitivity and outright waste, abuse, and corruption endemic in the bureaucratic welfare state."

* The elimination of agencies: "When legislators and bureaucrats waste tax money, they deserve to lose their jobs. When they save money, they deserve praise. When federal programs have outlived their usefulness, they deserve a decent burial. . . ."

"We also support 'sunset laws' that require government agencies to be reviewed periodically and reauthorized only if they can be rejustified. . . ."

* Congressional employees: "Congress must stop exempting itself from laws such as the minimum wage, the civil rights statutes, as well as laws which apply to the Executive Branch. . . ."

* Garnishment of wages: "Because federal government employees should not be a privileged caste, we will remove the bar to garnishing their wages to ensure

payment of their debts. . . ."

* Privatization and procurement: "If private enterprise can perform better and more cheaply than government, let it do so. This is especially true of properties now decaying under government control, such as public housing, where residents should have the option to manage their own projects. . . ."

"Where it advances both efficiency and safety, we will advocate privatization of airport operation and management. . . ."

"Always trusting the initiative of the American people over the ways of government, we will not initiate production of goods or delivery of services by the federal government if they can be procured from the private sector. . . ."

"We applaud the President's executive order that will assist communities to privatize government-controlled ventures, such as airports and toll roads. . . ."

* Social Security: "We reaffirm our commitment to a strong Social Security system. To stop penalizing grandparents and other seniors who care for children, we pledge to continue the Republican crusade to end the earnings limitation for . . . recipients. . . ."

* Veterans: "We affirm our support for veterans preference in federal employment and for sufficient funding to maintain the integrity of the veterans hospital and medical care system. We strongly endorse programs to meet the needs of unemployed veterans. . . ."

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