Here is a compilation of the fire and rescue calls to the...


September 02, 1992

Here is a compilation of the fire and rescue calls to the Emergency Operations Center.

August 28

* 6:52 a.m.: Reese, Gamber, Reisterstown and Glyndon responded to a building fire on state Route 140.

* 11:37 a.m.: Reese was called out for a tree fire on state Route 140.

They were out for about a half-hour.

* 12:00 p.m.: Sykesville responded to a fire alarm on Route 97. They were out 15 minutes.

* 5:03 p.m.: Sykesville assisted Howard County when a tree fell on a house on Walt Anne Drive. The engine was out 25 minutes. A minute later, another Sykesville engine went to Parliament Place in Howard County for a fire alarm.

* 5:21 p.m.: Smoke in a house kept Gamber and Reese out on a call on Old Westminster Pike for 25 minutes.

* 5:30 p.m.: Hampstead assisted Baltimore County when a house on Mount Zion Road was struck by lightning.

* 6:34 p.m.: Sykesville assisted Howard County with tornado damage on Conchita Drive.

* 6:50 p.m.: Mount Airy assisted Howard County when a fire alarm sounded on Frederick Road.

* 9:11 p.m.: Wires on Fannie Dorsey Road kept Winfield out 2 hours.

* 11:30 p.m.: New Windsor and Union Bridge responded for an alarm on New Windsor Road.

August 29

* 6:06 a.m.: Sykesville and Liberty Road from Baltimore County responded to an alarm sounding on Liberty Road.

August 30

* 1:51 a.m.: Winfield responded to a call for an investigation on Angus Drive.

* 9:12 a.m.: Taneytown and Rocky Ridge in Frederick County responded to a trash fire on Naylor's Mill Road.

The last engine reported in after 4 hours and 22 minutes.

* 1:58 p.m.: Mount Airy responded to a house fire on West Main Street in New Market, Frederick County.

August 31

* 3:10 p.m.: Taneytown, Harney, and Emmittsburg spent almost two hours working on a barn fire on Westview Road.

September 1

* 8:16 a.m.: Sykesville, Winfield, Gamber and West Friendship from Howard County responded to a call of smoke in a building on Freedom Avenue.

They were out for 20 minutes.

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