September 02, 1992|By Theo Lippman Jr.

This is the 52nd presidential election.

The eighth was the last gasp of the Federalist Party. Demoralized because the War of 1812, which it had opposed, had turned out so well for the Democratic-Republican administration which waged it, the Federalists did not formally nominate anyone.

(But electors chosen by the state legislators in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Delaware voted for Gov. Rufus King of New York for president and Maryland's John Eager Howard for vice president.)

The Democratic-Republicans continued their Virginia dynasty, President Madison helping secure the nomination for his secretary of state, James Monroe, just as President Jefferson had helped secured the nomination for his secretary of state, Madison.

Monroe won by 183 electoral votes to 34. After his victory, he toured the old Federalist stronghold of New England and was met with warm support. A Boston paper noted the response and dubbed forever the period then beginning as "the Era of Good Feelings."

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