Loyola groundskeeper honored for returning lost $2,200 he found

September 01, 1992

The last thing Till Strudwick, a Loyola College groundskeeper, expected yesterday was to hear himself hailed as a campus hero, the embodiment of the standards Loyola strives to teach.

But Saturday, on a campus street, Mr. Strudwick found an envelope holding $2,200 in cash. Stunned to be holding that much money, and worried about the person who lost it, Mr. Strudwick gave the cash to security, who returned it to a freshman.

His good deed did not go unnoticed. Yesterday, when college employees gathered for the annual start-of-the-school-year program, Loyola's president, the Rev. Joseph A. Sellinger, S. J., led the applause for an overwhelmed Mr. Strudwick.

In his work clothes, jeans and a T-shirt, Mr. Strudwick gave a shy wave to the 400 employees who filled the chapel. Then he sat and wiped away tears.

Father Sellinger called Mr. Strudwick to the podium and handed him an envelope bearing $100 -- which Father Sellinger said was 10 weeks' worth of his $10-a-week allowance for golfing bets.

Mr. Strudwick, who didn't hesitate in returning the cash he'd found Saturday, did the same yesterday. "I have a gift to give back, Father," he said, handing back the envelope. "This is for the college."

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