Middle/junior high schools

August 30, 1992

* ANNAPOLIS MIDDLE, Forest Drive, Annapolis 21403. Phone: 267-8658. Principal: Kevin Dennehy. CAC: Art Butler. PTA: Rose Kreiger. Approximate enrollment: 819

* ARUNDEL MIDDLE. Higgins Drive at Hammonds Lane, Odenton 21113. Phone: 674-6900. Principal: Clifton Prince. CAC: Roylene Roberts. PTA: Priscilla Diacont. Projected enrollment: 516.

* BATES MIDDLE, 701 Chase Ave. at Smith, Annapolis 21401. Phone: 263-0270. Principal: Sarah McGowan. CAC: Sandra Crosier. PTA: Julie Greene. Proj. enrollment: 590.

* BROOKLYN PARK/LINDALE MIDDLE/JUNIOR, 200 Hammonds Lane, Baltimore 21225. Phone: 789-8500. Principal: Joel Drapalski. CAC: Linda Sylce. PTA: Gail Ebersole (Brooklyn Park). PTA: Kevin Sheckels (Lindale). Proj. enrollment: 1,399.

* CENTRAL MIDDLE, 221 Central Ave. E., Edgewater 21037. Phone: 956-5800. Principal: Victoria Hutchins. CAC: Tom Angelis. PTA: Eileen Marion. Proj. enrollment: 830.

* CHESAPEAKE BAY MIDDLE, 4804 Mountain Road at Mount Carmel Court, Pasadena 21122. Phone: 437-2400. Principal: Charity McClellan. CAC: Jane Guy. PTA: Janice Tores. Proj. enrollment: 1,227.

* CORKRAN MIDDLE, 7600 Quarterfield Road, Glen Burnie 21061. Phone: 760-4414. Principal: Richard Kubatko. CAC: Carline Tyler. PTA: Joseph Tubman. Proj. enrollment: 778.

* CROFTON MIDDLE, 2301 Davidsonville Road, Crofton 21114. Phone: 793-0280. Principal: Walter Bruso. CAC: Marcia Clark. PTA: Jeanne Schmitt. Proj. enrollment: 770.

* GEORGE FOX MIDDLE, 7922 Outing Ave., Pasadena 21122. Phone: 437-5512. Principal: John M. Brown. CAC: Linda Schlicht. PTA: John Symes. Proj. enrollment: 856.

* MACARTHUR MIDDLE, 3033 Rochenbach Road, Fort George G. Meade 20755. Phone: 672-3636. Principal: John Kozora. CAC: Donna Redd. PTA: David Jenkins. Proj. enrollment: 975.

* MAGOTHY RIVER MIDDLE, 241 Peninsula Farm Road, Arnold 21012. Phone: 544-0926. Principal: Jack Smith. CAC: Lisa Van Citters. PTA: Leslie Batte. Proj. enrollment: 929.

* MARLEY MIDDLE, 7730 Baltimore & Annapolis Boulevard, Glen Burnie. Phone: 761-0934. Principal: Robert Janovsky. CAC: David Vermette. PTA: Pat Elswick. Proj. enrollment: 816.

* OLD MILL MIDDLE NORTH, 610 Old Mill Road, Millersville 21108. Phone: 969-5950. Principal: Richard Schreiner. CAC: Ed Bigley. PTA: Patty Haynie. Proj. enrollment: 866.

* OLD MILL MIDDLE SOUTH, 620 Old Mill Road, Millersville 21108. Phone: 969-7000. Principal: Edward Holshey. CAC: Shirley Miller. PTA: Kathy Freizer. Proj. enrollment: 825.

* SEVERN RIVER JUNIOR, 241 Peninsula Farm Road, Arnold 21012. Phone: 544-0922. Principal: Don McClenahan. CAC: Lisa Van Citters. PTA: Leslie Batte. Proj. enrollment: 834.

* SEVERNA PARK MIDDLE, 450 Jumpers Hole Road, Severna Park 21146. Phone: 647-7900. Principal: Leslie Mobray. Asst. Principal: Cheryl Malone. Administrator: John Shirko. CAC: N/A. Proj. enrollment: 671.

* SOUTHERN MIDDLE, 5235 Solomons Island Road, Lothian 20711. Phone: 867-2170. Principal: Deborah Montgomery. CAC: Dana Danielson. PTA: Lillie Barrett. Proj. enrollment: 852.

SOURCE: Anne Arundel County Board of Education

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