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August 30, 1992

Catholic Church

My reaction to most letters to the editor is to view with mirth the actions of a few people attempting to promote their own interests. However, James R. Moody's letter of Aug. 14, "Vatican vs. Gays," irresistibly cries for a defense of the Catholic Church.

I find it outrageous that The Sun would participate in such an affront to the religious freedom of Catholics by printing such a letter.

Mr. Moody in some distorted fashion views a letter from the Vatican to its bishops regarding homosexuality not as church business but interference in the American political process. I would remind people that true Catholics recognize the pre-eminence of the Vatican and the precepts of the Catholic Church.

I would also advise Mr. Moody to keep unenlightened comments, which constitute nothing more than promotion of his own political views, off of the Catholic Church, which is simply reinforcing a moral precept it has held for centuries.

The fundamental basis for the Catholic Church's rejection of homosexuality is only that heterosexuality inures to the preservation of the species. It would be interesting to hear the defense of homosexuality in that light.

I would welcome Mr. Moody practicing the one thing he said with which I agree, separating his concept of politics and morality from the teachings of the Catholic Church. The church has done very well for the last 20 centuries, thank you, without such "wisdom," and I am sure it will continue to do so.

William F. Peroutka


Ocean City's Eroding Charms

I can't resist responding to all of the hoopla about the "flat XTC growth" in Ocean City, resulting in fewer tax dollars for the state and lower income for the residents.

I have had such terrible traffic experiences and poor hospitality on the part of hotels and restaurants in recent years in Ocean City that I only go there for a brief period under duress because my children love it so.

I will only go on a Monday and return on a Friday morning. My husband hates the place so much because of our past experiences that he will only come for one day in the middle of the week because he misses us.

What about Maryland's "premier resort" could have caused this attitude, you ask?

Try going out in a car to a drugstore on a Saturday evening and getting caught in such gridlock that it takes you 3 hours to drive a mile to get Tylenol for a child with a fever. I've been in Manhattan at rush hour, and the traffic runs better.

Try getting to the boardwalk on any evening when the buses are already so loaded that you wait for an hour (at 67th Street, not really close in) before you finally realize that you will never be able to get on one. Of course, you can't drive there either, so you just don't go. Now explain that to the kids who wanted to go on the rides.

Try paying $154 per night for a really nice hotel on the boardwalk (so I never move the car all week) and with an indoor pool (for the children in case of rain) and having the maid leave the sheets in the middle of the bed for you to make the bed yourself. Funny, in most hotels, the maids do that for you.

Try getting back up to your room in that same hotel during the day so your child can use the toilet when the maids (who don't even make your bed) have all elevators but one shut down and you wait 15 minutes for one to come and pray that you can get on it or that the child can wait.

Try feeding your kids for less than it would cost at Disney World.

By the way, I wrote a (pretty nice) letter to the manager of that hotel about my concerns with how it was run and he never answered it, further indicating that he just doesn't care.

When I made another reservation there for this year (location wins all), they tried to get me to reserve the most expensive rooms by saying that their guests are often not too happy with the others-- what a thing to say to someone making a reservation!

Ocean City has become an overbuilt, traffic-clogged, surly place to spend a vacation. Its only advantages are that it is close and nostalgic. I guess I'm more stupid than most people: The kids and I (minus my better half) were there again for a week recently.

By the way, that week cost me almost as much as our family's June vacation in Disney World. How can anyone wonder why Ocean City is no longer a prime vacation destination for Marylanders?

Anita Heygster



To me there is something unreal about the way John Fairhall reported in The Sun of Aug. 19 on Pat Buchanan's speech to the Republican convention. The story treated Republican attacks on gays as just another kind of political strategy.

The media does not seem to realize that attacks on gays are not just political business as usual. Unlike Republican attacks on the Democratic stand on the principle of the death penalty (which Bill Clinton is for), these assaults are against people.

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