What a 140-mph wind feels like

August 26, 1992|By Los Angeles Times

Hurricane Andrew has sustained winds of 140 mph. Here is the impact of high winds on the human body, according to Professor Hans Hornung of the California Institute of Technology:

* A hand held outside a car window at 70 mph is subjected to one-quarter the force of 140 mph winds.

* A person could lean at a 45-degree angle into a 70 mph wind without falling.

* It is impossible to walk into an 80 mph wind without support from a hand railing or some other structure.

* At 120 mph, a flying object such as a tree limb or lawn chair becomes lethal.

* A person caught in a 130 mph wind would be lifted off the ground.

* A 160 mph wind is equal to 600 pounds of drag force.

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