Case for Serbia2 Thank you for the thought-provoking...


August 26, 1992

Case for Serbia

2 Thank you for the thought-provoking editorial.

Anne Hege Hughes


Radio News

I recently read Michael Olesker's column in The Sun of Aug. 2, "Less Radio News Is Bad News For Listener," and I agree.

Except for a few stations, news is not a priority. Michael Olesker may not be aware of Baltimore's only all-news radio station, WERQ, 1010 on the AM dial.

We have been programming CNN Headline News, Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. to 8 p.m., since last April. We also supplement CNN with local news, sports, weather and traffic reports every half hour.

PD Hopefully, 1010 AM will help to fill the news void in Baltimore.

Bill Hooper


The writer is the general manager of WERQ AM.

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