Jack Kemp

August 19, 1992

Our party offers a more powerful vision--an America committed to prosperity, opportunity and jobs for our people.

We must be the party that unleashes the talents of all our people. That's why I'm proud our president's platform puts our party on the side of lower tax rates on working families, on capital formation, on first-time homebuyers and on poor Americans who want their shot at the American Dream.

Fellow Americans, the liberals just don't get it. They don't understand--we can't create more employees without creating more employers. We can't have capitalism without capital.

And we can't expect people to defend property rights when they are denied access to property.

But when people have a stake in the system they will defend not only their own property, but their neighbors' as well. This is the message of Los Angeles and every other pocket of poverty--we must be the party that gives everyone a stake in the system.

That is what the re-election of George Bush means to America.

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