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August 19, 1992

Parent dissatisfied with school board

From: Cindy Paul


With respect to all parents in Anne Arundel County, this letter is in response to all the letters that appeared in The Anne Arundel County Sun July 22 and Aug. 2.

Let me begin with: I do not and will not label myself an unethical or ethical parent simply by virtue of being a parent of children within the Anne Arundel County school system. I am, however, a concerned, loving parent who is no longer willing or able to have the mental, physical and educational needs (during school hours) of my children be met in a school system that is entrenched in desensitivity, bureaucratic red tape and clearly demonstrates abuse of power (i.e. the Board of Education).

I do speak from experience, and I, like so many other parents, find it necessary to remove my children from the public school system in our county.

To BOE officials who think parents and children have no rights and find it incredulous that I and others may be somewhat intelligent and have the guts to question your techniques -- this is the United States; I and my children have the right to choose a safe and quality education.

I have the right to choose not to send my children into an environment that is the marketplace for drug dealers. I have the right to choose not to send my children into an environment that is abusive (physical and/or mental), and I and my children have the right to say no to a cattle drive-type education.

It's ironic that we live within an hour drive of President Bush, who calls himself the Educational President. Well, President Bush, as a consumer and with all due respect, I request a refund of all the tax dollars ($15,000) that I worked hard for and the IRS made sure you collected toward education. Thank you.

To parents throughout Maryland, we do have the right to stand up and be heard. We have the right through political means to make changes in the process that place individuals in the positions on the BOE. These individuals have to be held accountable for their actions or lack of action.

We need to open up the process and bring in new people. I really believe that we need to have community elections that will send parents and grandparents, educators, clergy, community leaders and business owners to the BOE to run our schools. Just as with any elected official, should they not perform their duties the voters elected them to do (provide a safe and a quality education), they probably would not be elected for a second term.

Traffic pattern needs an upgrade

From: Evelyn Kampmeyer

Severna Park

Malfunction Junction has now become dysfunctional, not to say what it has done to traffic on the east side of Ritchie Highway.

For these 2,000 residents east of the highway, in addition to the 2,000 shoppers to the Severna Park Mall, there is but one exit turning left for southbound traffic. One major accident blocking an overcrowded McKinsey Road will leave the whole area blocked for access to the south.

Many people do not realize the Arundel Plaza area is surrounded on two sides by the Magothy River and the Cattail and Cypress creeks.

Now the residents are forced to use business parking lots on both sides of Route 2 to access community services that are south of the intersection.

No leadership in Severna Park should be advocating horse-and-buggy driving patterns by its residents in business parking lots. That is exactly what has happened, and the Greater Severna Park Council should be addressing such activity.

A petition drive is showing overwhelmingly that the people want the intersection open with a left turn signal.

For nine months, the State Highway Administration has been more interested in justifying the construction of Route 648 than serving the needs of citizens. Its position to ban traffic from Pasadena on Asbury and Arundel Beach roads is an insult to residents of Pasadena, including my family members living there. Who is SHA to tell citizens what public roads they can drive?

SHA needs contemporary and visionary leadership in solving this problem. The current configuration finds fire apparatus, school buses, and moving vans cannot negotiate the left turn through the pylons to Arundel Beach Road.

SHA should stop the empirical engineering and do the right job now.

A note of thanks on the carnival

From: Hattie Boyer

Glen Burnie

Hats off to the Glen Burnie Improvement Association Carnival Committee volunteers, Shaw & Sons Amusement Co., and assorted organizations who made the outing at the carnival possible for the disabled.

It did one's heart good to see people enjoy, perhaps for the first time ever, the fun the rest of us take for granted. The ride attendants even lifted some people from their wheelchairs so they could have the thrill of a carnival ride.

All the participants were treated to the rides, all the food they could hold and games to play with prizes for everyone.

This is the kind of happening that makes me proud to be a resident of Glen Burnie.

Article on department clouded the issue

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