Epson breathes life into dot matrix

August 17, 1992|By Los Angeles Times Syndicate

For some, the dot-matrix printer is a relic from the Stone Age of personal computing.

For others, it is an office workhorse, hammering out multi-part invoices, checks and a wide assortment of other forms or simply churning out the latest spreadsheet, database and word processing files.

Whatever your need, Epson America, (800) 922-8911, has a new pair of dot-matrix printers that bring a little innovation to an old-fashioned device.

The 24-pin Epson Action Printer 3250 ($299) and its nine-pin sibling, the 2250 ($199), come with paper cassette trays so that you can print on regular sheets of 8.5-by-11-inch bond paper instead of the continuous fan-fold paper typically fed into dot-matrix printers.

They are simple, inexpensive, yet high-quality printers meant for short, text-only documents.

The print mechanism is fully enclosed by the printer's plastic housing, which makes the Epson quiet for a dot-matrix printer.

These printers aren't aimed at people who print files from Windows programs with lots of graphics or large type fonts. They are too slow.

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