Baltimore CityROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Two men...


August 12, 1992|By The following accounts were compiled by reporter Richard Irwin from police records in the Baltimore area yesterday and today.

Baltimore City

ROBBERY: Southwestern District -- Two men, one armed with a handgun, robbed a seafood store owner of several thousand dollars in cash and food stamps as she closed her store about 2 a.m. Monday. The owner of Sea Pride at 201 S. Monroe St. was not hurt, police said.

ROBBERY: Central District -- A resident of the 2400 block of Guilford Ave. was robbed by a man of nearly $100 while walking near his home shortly before 9 p.m. yesterday.

ROBBERY: Central District -- Two men, one of whom may have been armed with a handgun, stopped a resident of the 1500 block of Aisquith St. as he walked in the 1000 block of St. Paul St. about 12:20 a.m. today and robbed him of nearly $40 after pulling him into the vestibule of a house.

ROBBERY: Western District -- An attendant at the Crown service station in the 1000 block of W. North Ave. reported he was forced to give up money from the cash register about 7 a.m. yesterday when a man entered the office armed with a handgun.

ROBBERY/ARREST: Western District -- A resident of the 1500 block of Penrose Ave. reported he was walking in the 1800 block of W. Fayette St. around 7 p.m. yesterday when he was stopped by a man armed with a knife who ordered him to give up his money while threatening him with the weapon. Police said the armed man escaped with $10 in cash. Later, police arrested a 24-year-old suspect and were holding him at the station pending formal robbery and deadly weapon charges and a bail hearing.

ROBBERY: Western District -- A resident of the 200 block of Silver Court was walking in the 1800 block of N. Carey St. around 5 p.m. Monday when two men, one with a hard object in a hand, robbed her of $15 and nearly $170 worth of food stamps.

THEFT: Western District -- A resident of the 2100 block of Madison Ave. reported that someone stole his bike after he left it unattended in the 400 block of Gold St. Monday.

THEFT: Western District -- A woman gave $200 in cash to a man to hold for her, but he wouldn't give it back. The victim, a resident of the 1100 block of Orleans St., told police she was in the 1100 block of Gold St. when she gave the money to a man to hold for her.

ROBBERY: Western District -- Four men, one armed with a handgun, robbed a man Monday of more than$25 in food stamps the 2800 block of Harlem Ave.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A resident of the 200 block of N. Fulton Ave. reported that someone broke into his home yesterday by forcing the rear door and stole a VCR, stereo equipment and a watch from a bedroom.

THEFT: Western District -- A resident of the 700 block of Whitmore Ave. told police she was inside a house in the 700 block of Wilburn Ave. Monday when someone stole her watch, valued at more than $300.

THEFT: Western District -- Officials of Budget rental cars at Baltimore-Washington International Airport reported that someone stole all four of the tires, the radio and battery from one of its cars while it was parked in the 500 block of Gold St. over the weekend.

THEFT: Western District -- A Washington resident reported that someone broke into her car yesterday while it was parked in the 1200 block of Amity St. and stole a purse containing cash and property, all valued at more than $300.

BURGLARY: Western District -- A television set and VCR valued at $700 were stolen Monday from a dwelling in the 1800 block of W. Franklin St.

SHOOTING: Western District -- A resident of the 2500 block of W. Baltimore St. was shot in the right foot Monday afternoon by a man who assaulted him near his home. Police said the victim was taken to Bon Secours Hospital for treatment and released.

ASSAULT: Western District -- Police were seeking a man known as "Peanut" in connection with an assault. The victim told police he was in the 1300 block of Edmondson Ave. Monday evening when the suspect struck him in the face with a pistol. Police said the man was taken to St. Agnes Hospital, where he was treated for an injury to an eye and released.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- A resident of the 2900 block of The Alameda reported that a man she knows broke into her home early Monday morning and stole several pieces of property. The victim told police the property was valued at more than $1,000. Police advised her to seek a warrant for the man's arrest.

BURGLARY: Northeastern District -- Someone broke into Catholic High School of Baltimore in the 2800 block of Edison Highway and stole a video camera and scales over the weekend.

ROBBERY: Northeastern District -- An 72-year-old woman was robbed of cash and property about 8 p.m. Monday by a woman she allowed into her home in the 3000 block of Kentucky Ave. to get a drink of water. While the victim was in the kitchen, police said the other woman went into a dining room and stole the victim's purse.

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