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August 11, 1992

Ouija tells all

I noted your story regarding the U.S. Army intelligence officers who went AWOL to Florida expecting to greet Jesus after a Ouija board had told them he would return there on a flying saucer ("6 soldiers forfeit careers, determined to follow will of a Ouija board," July 27).

I'm glad these officers are gone, and I surely hope the Army will not try too hard to return them to their posts. But why were they in "intelligence" to begin with?

There should be an inquiry into what other decisions they madwith the help of their Ouija board. Wouldn't the Army be well advised to review those decisions?

Also, was the Ouija board military issue? If so, shouldn't Congress investigate the defense contractor who produced it?

George Paul Mocko


Volunteering could lead to 'You Decade'

I heartily applaud the state Board of Education's recent

decision to require future high school graduates to perform some type of community service in order to obtain their diplomas. It astounds me that anyone could find fault with such a program.

As a veteran teacher in the Baltimore County school system, I have long listened to citizens and educators alike bemoan the lack of values in today's young people.

Now that the state of Maryland has made an admirable and determined effort to instill an attitude of caring and concern in its students, out pop the "naysayers."

It is a sad but true fact that these dissenters are the same folks who cheered John Kennedy's 1961 proclamation: "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."

How sad that, now that middle age is upon them, their idealism has gone right out the window. Worse still, these recent "Me Decade" graduates would seek to impose their jaded, selfish view of the world on the next generation.

Ironically, the vast majority of today's kids welcome the opportunity to serve others in their community. Last year alone, I had well over 50 middle school students who came to me seeking out volunteer positions in nursing homes, day care centers and the like.

Those few who were fortunate enough to find jobs like these were the envy of their classmates. When I encouraged a group of 20 students to adopt a needy family at Christmas and provide it with food, clothes and gifts, I ended up with over 100 students who got involved in this activity.

In addition to the obvious benefits of this project, the students came away from this experience with a well-needed bolstering of their own self-esteem.

And, just maybe, if "Johnny" learns to care about others as well as himself, he may grow up to be a part of the "You Decade" in the years to come.

orothy Dowling


The governor's gag

Gov. William Donald Schaefer, the undisputed reigning king of Maryland, has lifted his "gag order." The Evening Sun, through its reporters and editorials, has chronicled "The Annals of King Don" just as medieval journals chronicled "The Annals of Xantan" in the 9th century.

Further, the governor of the Free State is adhering to the polemic of Bishop Jacques Benigne Bossuet, tutor to King Louis XIV of France. Bishop Bossuet, in 1670, counseled kings and all people that royal power is absolute. Bossuet also tells us that ". . . the person of the king is sacred, and . . . to attack him in any way is sacrilege . . . "

In retrospect, this is not the 17th century and William Donald Schaefer is not ruling by divine right. Governor Schaefer, who has done good things, is an elected official of the Free State. He is responsible to the people of Maryland. His "gag order," or pretense to such ridiculous concepts, was wrong. The people of Maryland, The Evening Sun, free men and women everywhere and voters in general, should not tolerate such behavior.

I feel that the citizens of this state, believers in free press and people everywhere will agree with me that "gag orders" imposed by elected officials are wrong. I feel that the governor owes the people of Maryland an apology. I remind readers who believe in freedom that, in many countries, the elimination of rights of the people began with "gag orders."

ohn A. Micklos


Women, isn't it time for a change?

Women do not have the right to choose whether they want a child. Women are not allowed to make a decision whether they can pursue a career in the military that would involve combat. Women who can be accountants, lawyers, Supreme Court justices or senators cannot decide their destiny.

Men insist they know what we want and what we can and cannot do. Interesting, considering the shape of the world. Let's review: the S&L crisis, the state of California, the budget, the military, the crime rate.

Should I go on? Let's look at who is in power . . . men!

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