Triple your trouble

August 08, 1992

The Orioles hit into a triple play for the 14th time in their history last night in the sixth inning.

With the bases loaded and none out, Brady Anderson flied out to Kenny Lofton in left-center and Lofton then threw to the plate to get Leo Gomez, who had tagged at third.

Cleveland catcher Sandy Alomar then threw to second baseman Carlos Baerga as Jeff Tackett was hung up between first and second.

Baerga was not at the bag and Tackett made it to second, but Tim Hulett was caught between second and third, and Baerga fired to third baseman Jim Thome to retire Hulett and end the inning.

It was the first triple play against the Orioles since May 15, 1979, when Gary Roenicke started a conventional third-to-second-to-first triple play.

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