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Letters to the editor

August 02, 1992

Noise pollutes area

From: R. H. Penney


I have just read the July 22 edition of the Carroll County Sun. How ironic that you have chosen to feature a photo and accompanying article about an ultra-light powered parachute.

The article portrays the riders of these vehicles in such a nice perspective. The irony is that my neighbors and I consider these people to be a consummate nuisance.

I have the misfortune of living in the flight path of their weekend jaunts surveying the more scenic parts of the Carroll County. On many occasions, they have flown directly over my house, at an alti tude of about 50 feet, not the quoted 300 feet which they mention as Ms. Young's favorite vantage point.

Imagine the annoyance of having a peaceful day interrupted by the scream of this nuisance directly overhead. Then, at the whims of the operator, it doesn't merely pass, but circles, subjecting all below to noise levels which prevent normal conversation between people on the ground.

At a recent community association meeting, one neighbor mentioned the subject of these obnoxious overflights. Everyone commenting objected to the noise and loss of privacy.

Haven't the Youngs heard of noise pollution? Haven't they learned to respect their neighbors' back yard privacy?

We enjoy the peace and quiet afforded by living in a still somewhat rural South Carroll neighborhood. It is unfortunate that some people feel that they can pursue their hobbies without consideration of others.

Monitor education

From: Gary W. and Dena V. Bauer


The work of the "Citizens for Sensible Sex Education" under the leadership of Melvin Arbaugh is a sign of the movement in America of citizens taking back control of government and their agencies.

Because of the inflation of the '70s, the economic growth of the '80s and the recession of the '90s, married couples have been forced to become two-worker households in order to cope with these economic times. During times such as this, we, as parents, have abnegated our responsibility to teach our children about sex based on our morals and values and relinquished them to the public education system.

The video "Teen Aids in Focus" has awakened a sleeping giant. The giant is parents' concern about their children's education and who is really running the system.

It is a sign that parents are no longer going to allow bureaucrats to spoon feed committees selected information to achieve the results the administrators desire; then pass to the Board of Education the committee's recommendation as if they (the bureaucrats) had not influenced the committee's decision.

It has been made clear that education has to be based on the morals and values of the community. Without an education that includes morals and values, our society will continue the downward spiral we have experienced since the courts and the NEA established a humanistic educational system.

An example of the change that is occurring is in Chicago. Instead of administration from the top down, schools are being operated on the local level. A committee composed of the principal, six parents, two community leaders and two teachers is formed in each school.

The administration sets goals for what is to be achieved by the students in each subject area. The school committee selects the methods to achieve the goals.

The administration allocates funds to the schools and the committee decides how it is to be spent in order to operate the schools and achieve the goals.

If money is left over, it is used by the schools to meet the additional needs agreed upon by the committee. These committees also set mutually agreed-upon standards for the teachers in the individual schools.

For our children to compete in this information-based and highly technical society, they need a complete command of English, reading, grammar and composition. They need strong mathematic and scientific skills and finally, they need computer literacy.

These skills are not only needed for the college bound, but for all students. Without these skills, it is impossible to function in this rapidly changing society.

The action of Mel Arbaugh and his group has clearly demonstrated that the parents are watching the Board of Education and the administrators so that our children receive the kind of education that will prepare them to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

Children lose out again

From: C. Scott Stone

Board of Education candidate


Bureaucrats: 2; Children: 0.

The recent salary increases approved by the Board of Education for their top two administrators are an insult to the citizens of Carroll County!

In times of such extraordinary financial difficulty, times when school system employees did not receive a general salary increase for the second year in a row, times when the state of Maryland is predicting additional budget cuts due to the lingering recession, it is unconscionable that the board would agree to increase the superintendent's salary by $19,500 over three years.

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