From The Sun Aug. 2-8, 1842AUG. 2: A wretch named John...


August 02, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Aug. 2-8, 1842

AUG. 2: A wretch named John Metzdorf was committed yesterday for want of security to keep the peace towards his own wife, whom he has twice beaten since her confinement, less than a week ago.

AUG. 5: We have seen three tomatoes, raised on the farm of James Dixon, in Cambridge, Dorchester County, which weighed 3 lbs. 14 oz. The farmers of this county are hard to beat.

From The Sun Aug. 2-8, 1892

AUG. 2: The children of Water's Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Sunday-School went on their annual picnic to Avon Beach, Bear Creek, yesterday morning, where the day was pleasantly spent.

AUG. 4: Mr. Ottmar Mergenthaler, of Ott. Merganthaler & Co., accompanied by his wife and children, left yesterday on the steamer Stuttgart for a three months' tour of Germany.

From The Sun Aug. 2-8, 1942

AUG. 3: Samuel Knox George 3d, of Ruxton, recently was forced to make a crash landing in a jungle at night while transporting a plane load of ammunition across Africa.

AUG. 4: Of the 20,800 persons given intensive war-work training through public schools in Maryland last year, more than a third were women, it was announced yesterday.

AUG. 6: A great surge of railroad passenger travel is being felt in Baltimore and throughout the gasoline-rationed East, according to officials of the Pennsylvania and the Baltimore and Ohio railroads, who said yesterday the peak is not yet in sight.

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