Homeowners may get septic help County to make loans available

July 31, 1992

Low-income homeowners may be able to replace failing septic systems with the help of county money in a program announced this week by County Executive Robert R. Neall.

The county is making available $100,000 to finance interest-free deferred loans to help to property owners replace failing systems with innovative alternative septic systems.

The program is open to homeowners with incomes ranging from $15,450 to $29,100, depending upon family size. Some money also may be available for families with higher incomes, depending on the circumstances.

"This money serves two very important purposes," Mr. Neall said. "It will help those homeowners who are unable to afford to repace failing septic systems. And because the improved system will use the latest technology, we will reduce the quantity of bacteria and nutrients discharged into the soil and ground water."

The loans will be made through the Department of Health in cooperation with the Office of Planning and Zoning. The health department's Sanitary Engineering Section will design the systems and monitor their construction. Loan repayment is deferred until sale or transfer of the property.

The program is designed to implement innovative septic systems that use sand mound or sand filter pretreatment systems in locations where conventional treatment systems have failed because of high water tables, lot size or soil conditions.

For more information, contact Richard Piluk in Sanitary Engineering at 222-7219, or Sherry Williams in the Office of Planning and Zoning at 222-7600.

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