Fox heartthrob stars in 'Coopersmith'

July 31, 1992|By Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Attention, "Melrose Place" fans.

This week you can get a double dunk of your favorite new hunk, Grant Show.

On Fox's youth angst soap opera "Melrose Place" (9 p.m. Wednesdays), Show portrays the moody, sensitive and incredibly good-looking Jake Hanson. On CBS' "Coopersmith" (8 tonight, Channel 11), the pilot for an action series that never made it, he's not quite as moody and sensitive.

That's because Show is playing C.D. Coopersmith, described by CBS publicity as "a maverick insurance investigator who uses unorthodox methods to smoke out the truth about every claim that crosses his desk."

Of course, even as he ferrets out and then punches out perpetrators of criminal insurance fraud, Show remains incredibly good looking.

He's the sort of make believe, rough 'n' tumble insurance investigator who rides motorcycles and wears leather jackets while solving murders and sparking mayhem.

The producers of the silly, formulaic "Coopersmith" do share a certain Show sensibility with the producers of the slick, formulaic "Melrose Place." They all like to get their handsome hunk into the bare-chested mode as often as possible.

Of course, nothing on the drab "Coopersmith" can match the trashy lunacy of this past Wednesday's "Melrose Place" episode. That particular Grant Show showcase featured Jake and an old flame smearing paint on each other and then rubbing up against a blank canvas to create some goofy body-part art.

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