Dream Team's Barkley takes on Space Invaders

July 31, 1992|By Kevin Cowherd

Each weekday through the end of the Olympics, humo columnist Kevin Cowherd will provide news and views about the games -- as seen from his sofa.

DREAM TEAM UPDATE -- USA basketballers spent day feasting in cordoned-off Barcelona plaza, where fans were allowed to approach and genuflect quietly before being chased away by attack dogs. Future Leavenworth resident Charles Barkley touched off ugly incident in game room of Ambassador Hotel, when he elbowed 16-year-old guest after grumbling boy posted higher score in Space Invaders.

RUMOR CONTROL -- Fierce-looking U.S. gymnastics coach Bela Karolyi denies he's decided to rent himself out as a scarecrow.

LUCY, I'M HOME! -- Dream Team flap over what to wear at medal ceremonies has been settled, with team deciding on Ricky Ricardo-style silk bathrobes and Hush Puppies.

AROUND THE ASHRAM -- After shaving heads in show of solidarity, USA men's volleyballers took logical next step and joined Hare Krishna movement. Entire team, outfitted in flowing saffron robes by Nike, spotted at Barcelona airport soliciting contributions from travelers.

JUST SAY NO -- Former ritual steroid abuser Ben Johnson, off "juice" since '88 Games in Seoul, now stands shocking 4-feet-11 and weighs 105 pounds. Canadian sprinter is said to be considering new career as member of Keebler Elves.

THAT WAS CLOSE -- Track and field officials received scare when landing bag in pole vaulting pit deflated. Quick-thinking judges opted to replace bag with Mary Lou Retton's stiff new helmet-like hairdo.

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