Berger's good startWe are writing to commend Stuart Berger...

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July 30, 1992

Berger's good start

We are writing to commend Stuart Berger on his first major initiative for Baltimore County public schools.

The addition of 2,000 students to an all-day kindergarten is a superb re-deployment of county resources. By providing this service to many more county residents, Dr. Berger has demonstrated leadership and given our county additional economic development tools. What a marvelous incentive for new families considering moving to our county.

Research everywhere shows that the earlier children are prepared for school, the better students they become. We congratulate Dr. Berger and the county on this new initiative and hope that more students can be added annually.

William J. Crowley Jr.

Terry M. Rubenstein


The writers are, respectively, chairman of the board and chairman of the business/education council of the Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce.

Schaefer's administration 3-ring circus

The three-ring circus on State Circle (aka, the administration of Gov. William Donald Schaefer) is at it again, blaming the press for its own arrogant behavior.

The latest scene has the governor contradicting his own press secretary regarding a failed attempt for positive press coverage of the state's revamped welfare program.

This is the same press secretary who asked state workers to call in on a newspaper's telephone poll and on another occasion described the governor's overweight Labrador retriever as a "trained police dog."

The public is justifiably fed up with such puerile behavior and will be most grateful for state constitutional term limits on Maryland governors when the current eight-year temper tantrum finally comes to an end.

ohn R. Leopold


Who's to blame?

All U.S. presidents inherit problems from former administrations. Our problems today have been escalating for many a year -- and many terms.

Name a president who has not had some discredit in his tTC administration. Have all forgotten so readily John Kennedy's Bay of Pigs disaster?

Today, look to your Congress for roots of our problems. Every president has used the words, repeatedly, "If the Congress allows."

We have members of that legislative body who have been in control for over 30 years -- virtually eight presidential terms. Would you want the same president for over 30 years?

Look to your Congress -- and express your displeasure.

R. L. Sherman


Landlords' rights

Please let me add a note of restraint to those who are too critical of the quality of rental housing in the large cities of the United States: Nothing will change until the quality of tenants improves, no matter how much money and good intentions are lavished on public housing.

Any self- and public-respecting landlord tires of repairing living units when some tenants incessantly disrepair them and then move out to another unit where they repeat the same civic misbehavior.

Most tenants are exemplary in the way they take care of their abodes. Ironically, these preferred tenants often suffer because of the behavior of the undesirable few.

This is happening all over this great country of ours and the

landlords are in the middle of the squabble. It is only rational that if some tenants want laws to protect them, landlords should also be protected by laws.

ilton P. Sause


AFRAM Expo is more timely than ever

The City of Baltimore will once again present the African American Exposition this weekend. This year's theme salutes the "African American Woman: An Emerging Force."

The participation of AFRAM in our great city is more profound now than it has been in the past. With rioting and racism the nation has been experiencing, AFRAM allows the African American to become proud once again of his/her culture and heritage.

Saluting the African American woman would appear to be a step toward the right direction. African American men have carried their plight long enough.

Because the African American woman has always proven to be strong, courageous and full of wisdom there is a need for the two to unite and become one once again. The saying stands true, "Behind every successful man is a good woman."

The three-day reminiscing exercise tends to be so rewarding for African Americans. If African Americans knew their culture and heritage they would realize they had an identity.

The identity that they have now is one that was learned, not rooted. That is why it has become crucial for family bonding to return to the African American homes. The men can't do it alone and neither can the women. Pride and respect need to be sought again.

AFRAM needs to become a daily part of African American lives. To constantly have something to be proud of, to know that, "Hey, I am somebody," would be a remarkable stance for African Americans.

This year rediscover yourself. Know that you were once kings and queens. That you belong not only to the motherland but also to this land that was built over tears and years of your constant struggle. That you are a strong people. Participate in AFRAM Expo '92.

Karen Evette Miller


Abortion cost

Regardless of one's feelings regarding abortion, the truth of the matter is that economics plays a major role.

Legalities and moralities aside, those who can afford them can always get them.

Freedom of choice exists only if that choice is for everyone.

McNair Taylor


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