Medals for Nall

July 30, 1992

Congratulations to Anita Nall.

Turning 16, the Towson Catholic High School junior swam to an Olympic silver medal in the women's 100-meter breast stroke event yesterday in Barcelona, setting an American record, after winning a bronze medal in the 200-meter breast-stroke earlier in the week.

She finished in front of the best swimmers in the world (all but one) amid the frantic expectation that mushroomed after she set the world record in 200 meters in March.

Anita Nall handled the distracting attention with poise, genuineness and modesty, and concentrated on her stroke. Her medals are a remarkable achievement.

She has earned the right to be proud of herself, and to allow all Baltimoreans to rejoice in her considerable accomplishments -- and to root for an Olympic gold medal when she swims on the U.S. medley relay team.


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