Dream Team is Scouting next opponent


July 30, 1992|By Kevin Cowherd

DREAM TEAM UPDATE: Bowing to international pressure and playing with 50-pound weight chained to each ankle, USA edges Germany 627-14. Resident hoodlum Charles Barkley is restrained from charging into the stands after a nun, whom Barkley accused of "praying for the other team." Dreamers' next opponent: Boy Scout Troop 155, Athens, Ga.

NOW IT CAN BE TOLD: Check of birth records confirms that tiny NBC studio host Bob Costas is a distant relative of Sneezy, and attended same woodland elementary school as Happy, Grumpy and Doc.

JUST HOW HOT WAS IT?: With courtside temperatures nearing 110 degrees, Croatian tennis player Goran Ivanisevic inexplicably burst into flames and had to be hosed down by local volunteer firefighters. Still smoking and covered with soot, he was able to complete his match.

THAT EXPLAINS THAT: Carl Lewis tells everyone the reason for his poor grades in high school was that he highlighted everything in black Magic Marker.

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