Young peregrine falcon dies in storm

July 29, 1992

One of three peregrine falcons that hatched in June on a Baltimore skyscraper has died in a storm.

John Barber, an official with United States Fidelity & Guaranty Co. who watches over the birds, said that the two remaining falcons are learning to fly in the frequently hazardous urban wilderness.

One was found stranded yesterday on the plaza in front of the USF&G building on Light Street.

Peregrines have raised their young on a 33rd-floor ledge of the building since the late 1970s.

"We try to respond to [rescue] calls as quickly as possible," Mr. Barber said, adding that the young birds' process of learning to fly can be "long and unforgiving."

"We're lucky we haven't lost any more," he said.

The one falcon died July 16, after it was blown off the ledge during high winds and broke its neck in a fall.

The other two are expected to leave the Baltimore area within several weeks, Mr. Barber said.

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