'Hard-up' motorist is guilty

July 29, 1992|By John Rivera | John Rivera,Staff Writer

A Glen Burnie man who posed as a distressed motorist and held up two people who offered him rides was convicted of robbery and armed robbery yesterday in Circuit Court.

Donald B. Meyett, 43, of the 100 block of Martha Road, is facing long-term inpatient treatment in a drug rehabilitation center in lieu of jail time if the court accepts the recommendation of prosecutors when he is sentenced on Sept. 28.

Meyett, who had originally been charged with kidnapping in the two cases, approached a man on Jan. 7 at the Glen Burnie Village Shopping Center in the 7500 block of Ritchie Highway about 11 p.m., told the man his car had broken down and asked for a ride to the Quarterfield Road area, court documents show.

The victim agreed and while they were en route, Meyett told the man he had a gun and ordered him to drive toward Baltimore. The victim never actually saw a gun.

Meyett directed the victim to the intersection of Monroe and Presbury streets in West Baltimore and before leaving the car, demanded the victim's wallet.

Meyett took out $180 and left, walking north on Monroe Street. The victim notified police, who arrested Meyett a short time later about five blocks away.

A second victim, after reading the account of the robbery in the newspaper, contacted police and said that he had been robbed three days earlier by a man who said his car had broken down and needed a ride.

The second victim picked Meyett up at the intersection of northbound I-695 and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway in Linthicum on Jan. 4. Meyett pulled out a revolver and, pointing it at the victim, began giving him directions on where to drive. Meyett demanded the car from the victim, but the man told Meyett he had a heart condition and asked if he could keep the car. Meyett agreed.

Meyett then demanded the victim's wallet, which contained $240. The victim told Meyett that he needed at least some of the money and asked if he could have some of it back. Meyett returned some of the money, according to court records.

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